Carolin Pflueger

Carolin Pflueger

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Working Papers

A Finance-Integrated New Keynesian Model, with Gianluca Rinaldi, 2020


Financial Market Risk Perceptions and the Macroeconomywith Emil Siriwardane and Adi Sunderam, 2020, Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming

        AQR Insight Award Finalist 2018

        Updated Data

Macroeconomic Drivers of Bond and Equity Risks, with John Y. Campbell and Luis M. Viceira, 2020,

Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming 

         Winner of the Arthur Warga Award for the Best Paper in Fixed Income at the SFS Cavalcade 2014

Sovereign Debt Portfolios, Bond Risks, and the Credibility of Monetary Policy, with Wenxin Du and Jesse Schreger, 2020, Journal of Finance, forthcoming

Flexible Prices and Leverage, with Francesco D'Acunto, Ryan Liu and Michael Weber, 2017, 

Journal of Financial Economics2018, 129(1):46-48.

Return Predictability in the Treasury Market: Real Rates, Inflation, and Liquiditywith Luis M. Viceira, 2016, Chapter 10 in Pietro Veronesi (ed.) Handbook of Fixed-Income Securities, Wiley, NJ.  Data

Comment on 'Monetary Policy, Bond Returns and Debt Dynamics' by Antje Berndt and Sevin Yeltekin, Journal of Monetary Economics, 2015, 73:137-140.

A Robust Test for Weak Instruments in Stata, with Su Wang, Stata Journal, 2015, 15(1):216-225.

Inflation Risk in Corporate Bonds, with Johnny Kang, Journal of Finance2015, 70(1):115-162.

A Robust Test for Weak Instruments, with Jose Luis Montiel Olea, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2013, 31(3):358-369.

Inflation-Indexed Bonds and the Expectations Hypothesis, with Luis M. Viceira, Annual Review of Financial Economics, 2011, 3:139-158.

Modeling Dependencies Between Rating Categories and Their Effects on Prediction in a Credit Risk Portfolio, with Claudia Czado, Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 2008, 24(3):237-259.

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University of Chicago
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NBER Faculty Research Fellow
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