Carolin Pflueger

Carolin Pflueger

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Carolin Pflueger, Emil Siriwardane, and Adi SunderamA Measure of Risk Appetite for the Macroeconomy: Online Appendix  (2018)

John Y. Campbell, Carolin Pflueger, and Luis M. Viceira, Appendix: Macroeconomic Drivers of Bond and Equity Risks (2019)

Johnny Kang and Carolin Pflueger, Supplementary Materials to Inflation Risk in Corporate Bonds (2013)

Jose Luis Montiel Olea and Carolin Pflueger, A Robust Test for Weak Instruments: Supplementary Materials (2013)

Carolin Pflueger and Luis M. Viceira, Appendix: Return Predictability in the Treasury Market: Real Rates, Inflation, and Liquidity (2013)